Ontoquad for Android

Mobile Device Requirements

In order to install the OntoQuad DBMS application on an Android mobile platform, first make sure that the following is available:
  • External memory storage mounted (e.g. on the “/storage/extSdCard/” or “/storage/emulated/0/”)
  • Operating system Android 4.2 or higher.

OntoQuad Installation on an Android Mobile Device

The OntoQuad installation procedure consists of the following steps:
  1. Download the "OntosRDF.apk" installation file to your PC from here: http://ontos.com/downloads/OntosRdf.apk .
  2. Connect your mobile device to the PC using a USB-Micro USB cable.
  3. Copy OntosRDF.apk to your mobile device.
  4. Disconnect the USB-Micro USB cable.
  5. In the “Settings->Security->Unknown Sources” menu select the the “Allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store” option checkbox if it is not selected yet.
  6. Install the OntoQuad using the Package Installer by clicking on the OntosRDF.apk file and following the system instructions.
    The DBMS will have the following installation path: $ExternalMemoryStoargeMountPath/ontoquad.

OntoQuad Start/Stop Actions

After the OntosQuad installation is complete, the DBMS is ready for immediate launching. By opening OntosQuad application you will see a screen like the one presented in Fig. 1 OntoQuad app.
  1. To start the OntoQuad, click on its icon and select the “Run OntoQuad” checkbox in the panel that opens.
  2. To stop the OntoQuad, click on its icon and uncheck the “Run OntoQuad” option in the panel that opens.

Fig. 1 OntoQuad application

The OntoQuad System Administrator Console

To activate the OntoQuad System Administrator Console (see Fig. 2 OntoQuad Admin Console), use the following method:
  1. Open any available browser and enter the following local site address: This is where the System Administrator Console resides.
    Please make sure that the OntoQuad is running (see “OntoQuad start/stop actions”). After its activation, the System Administrator Console may be unavailable for a few seconds until all the DBMS services are fully launched.

Fig. 2. OntoQuad Admin Console
Fig. 2 OntoQuad Admin Console

Working with Previously Created Databases

The OntoQuad Database is platform-independent with the same format regardless of a platform on which it has been created. So it may be freely copied and transferred between devices.

Thus the users can download databases previously created on PC to their mobile devices. In order to copy a database from an external computer to your Android mobile device, please make sure that an external memory storage has sufficient free space to accommodate the database files.

To copy:
  1. On your PC, locate the database files (these are folders and files with extensions ./vm, ./txlogs, .universe, .commands) to be copied.
  2. Stop OntoQuad on your Android device (see “OntoQuad start/atop actions”).
  3. Connect your mobile device to the PC using a USB-Micro USB cable.
  4. Copy the database files (./vm, ./txlogs, .universe, .commands) to the “$ExternalMemoryStoargeMountPath/ontoquad” folder of the mobile device.
  5. Disconnect the mobile device from the PC.
  6. Re-start the OntoQuad application.

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