Ontoquad for Linux

Installation Requirements

The installation requires a minimum of 170Mb of hard disk space. The database needs additional space for stored data, transaction logs, text message logs, etc. The size of the database .mdb files is not reduced at the moment when data is deleted. However, the reserved space will be reused later.

Operational Requirements

The OntoQuad database core requires a minimum of 100Mb of system memory for all database instances running on the server.
The memory usage depends on the following parameters in the OntoQuad configuration file:
  • cachesize
  • compressed-page-cachesize

See also Configuration Parameters for more details.

Installation Process

There are two installation options. The first one is to use the Red Hat Package Manager directly, while the second option implies the usage of the Yum Package Manager. The installation procedures are described below for a trial OntoQuad version. All operations are performed by a user with the root privileges. After the installation is completed, the user eventos will be created with a home directory /opt/eventos.

Red Hat Package Manager Installation

First, download current OntoQuad RPM packages from here: http://www.ontoquad.ru. Once you have downloaded the required RPM files, you are ready to start the OntoQuad installation. You may want to read this: http://www.rpm.org/max-rpm/index.html to learn more about the Red Hat Package Manager.

  1. download the eventos-gcc RPM from http://www.ontoquad.ru/repository/RHEL/trial/x86_64/
    # wget http://www.ontoquad.ru/repository/RHEL/trial/x86_64/eventos-gcc-4.7.2-6.1.x86_64.rpm
  2. install the eventos-gcc RPM package
    # rpm -ivh eventos-gcc-4.7.2-6.1.x86_64.rpm
  3. download the ontoquad-trial RPM package from http://www.ontoquad.ru/repository/RHEL/trial/x86_64/
    # wget http://www.ontoquad.ru/repository/RHEL/trial/x86_64/ontoquad-trial-
  4. install the ontoquad-trial RPM package
    # rpm -ivh ontoquad-trial-

Yum Package Manager Installation

In this case, the dependencies between the RPM packages should be resolved automatically. Read this: http://www.centos.org/docs/5/html/yum/ to learn more about the yum Package Manager.

  1. add yum internal repository
    # yum-config-manager --add-repo http://www.ontoquad.ru/repository/RHEL/trial/ontoquad.repo
  2. install OntoQuad RDF Server:
    # yum install ontoquad-trial.x86_64

Starting OntoQuad Server

In order to manage ontoquad as a service, execute

# /sbin/chkconfig --add ontoquad-trial

After this command the management of the OntoQuad service is performed by the following commands:
# service ontoquad <command>

Installation results